Boundary Logo gets more kudos

By Boundary on 02 21 2013

We were excited to learn that our logo was recognized again as a top logo, from this graphic design site.  Our own Stephen Boark designed it, and he writes about the process and previous recognition, in a recent blog post here.

Yes, we are a technology company, focused on the rather techie space of application monitoring, not a marketing agency. But still, it’s pretty cool to get recognized for our branding smarts.

Designing a truly great logo is not just about creativity and artistic vision. It’s about being clear and collaborative about what your company stands for, and integrating that very concept into the design.  Says Boark: “I think designing a logo (and a brand) is all about empathy  – understanding the company’s goals and its team. Your company will inevitably have lots of goals and the brand will have a lot of messages to convey, but a logo can only represent one idea.”

Should you even care about your logo design? This article has some useful insights about why it’s worth your effort, and ways to do it on the cheap. Finally, here’s a showcase of some new logos to fuel your creativity.