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  • Boundary & VictorOps - An Integration that Improves TTR

    Monday, March 23, 11am PST

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    Boundary & VictorOps Webinar on WebEx

    Boundary provides high resolution monitoring and alerting for DevOps. When it comes to identifying problems, every second counts. By utilizing high frequency metrics, Boundary has built a modern cloud solution that allows customers to keep their applications and supporting infrastructure running smoothly in the face of an ever-changing IT world. Users are able to quickly pinpoint problems through the use of real-time monitoring of Web-Scale IT. Boundary recognizes that the demands of their customers are constantly changing and evolving, so they have created a cloud application that is able to quickly adapt to meet changing needs.

    VictorOps is the world's first collaborative platform designed especially for DevOps teams that combines the power of people and data to solve IT problems as they arise. By seamlessly orchestrating team situational awareness, incident creation, escalation, notification and remediation, the VictorOps platform increases group communication and decreases problem-solving time.

    We strongly believe in the power of open communication and free choice, which is why both Boundary and VictorOps strive to develop integrations with multiple 3rd party services. Both services are focused on DevOps culture and workflows, encouraging and making collaboration easy. The new Boundary/VictorOps integration is an example of this philosophy.


    Pavel Hardak, Director of Product Management at Boundary. Pavel is an energetic and passionate product manager and solution architect. He has the ability to operate both at strategic and tactical levels and is a self-starter with the ability to influence and lead others. Pavel has extensive experience in building solutions for big data, networking and analytics with proven experience leading products and teams in both startups and multi-national companies.

    Joni Klippert, VP of Product at Victorops, specializes in bringing technical products to market and iterating on the product to meet customer demand. She has an extensive knowledge of cloud technologies and has previously spoken at MuraCon, DrupalCon and CMSExpo.

    Nate Grieb, Operations Support Specialist at VictorOps and when not working, enjoys hiking, skiing or fixing up his old motorcycle. He spoke about Small Business Salesforce Integrations at Dreamforce 2014.

    More Info & Registration:
    Boundary & VictorOps Webinar on WebEx