MySQL Plugin

Boundary’s MySQL Plugin features per-second insight into the health and performance of your database server with out-of-the-box dashboards, best-practice alarms and built in metric collection for:

  • The number of connections
  • The number of aborted connections
  • Bytes In
  • Bytes Out
  • The number of queries exceeding the slow query time
  • The number of rows modified (deletes, writes, updates)
  • The number of rows reads
  • The number of tables locks granted immediately
  • The number of table locks requiring a wait
  • The number of commits
  • The number of rollbacks
  • The amount of memory devoted to the query cache
  • Percentage of selects that were pulled from the cache
  • The number of cache entries that were pruned due to low memory

Deploy, configure and visualize in seconds!


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