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Pricing Questions

How do I buy? Do you take credit cards?

We try to make it as easy as possible for you to buy. If you don't wish to speak to anyone, then you can buy directly from our web site by pressing the buy now button above and entering the quantities that you'd like. You can pay via credit card or request to be invoiced. Alternatively, your customer success team would be happy to transact with you over email, we make it super simple for you. Or, if you're a big corporate that wants to review and make changes to the license agreement, then we can do that as well.

What does "unlimited" really mean?

We do cap you at 5 million metric points per day per server and a very very large number of alerts. We cannot see anyone needing more than this and hence we call it unlimited.

What is a metric point?

An individual instance of a metric that is sent to Boundary. i.e. If you were collecting CPU usage for 1 server at 1 minute intervals, this would represent 1,440 metric points per day.

* What is AWS integration?

AWS integration allows Boundary to collect all of your AWS Cloudwatch metrics through API integration and graph/alarm against them the same was as any other metrics. It is just $30 per month for your entire AWS account (limited to 5 million metric points per day) on our annual plans, or $50 per month per AWS account on our month-to-month plans. It can be an add-on to standard or advanced monitoring or a stand-alone offering.

Is there additional charge for AWS CloudWatch usage?

It depends on your pricing tier, monitored services, number of instances monitored, polling frequency and AWS region used. Boundary uses AWS CloudWatch APIs to retrieve the metrics for the monitored AWS instances and services, so any usage not covered by your account terms will be charged by Amazon directly to your AWS account. Boundary does not know how much it is going to be, so the best way is to check AWS CloudWatch pricing at If you want to decrease your costs, consider disabling monitoring for some AWS services or instances.

I'm a Service Provider/OEM/Reseller.

Email us - we have special programs for you.

I wish to replace a competitors tool with yours

Email us - we have special replacement programs for you.

I utilize cloud and have very elastic numbers of servers

We cater for this. Email us for details.

Can I post my own custom metrics? What APIs do you have?

Yes, Boundary has an extensive set of APIs. For custom metrics you have the "Metric" API that allows you to dynamically define a metric and its attributes. There are many other APIs available that allow interaction with the major functions of the product:

Account, Actions, Meter, Metrics and Plugins.

What do you mean when I license for xx number of servers?

This is the maximum concurrent meters that are connected to Boundary at any point during the month.

What happens if I go over my licensed number?

Unlicensed usage is charged at double your contracted per server cost, but most our customers prefer to increase their licensed amount retroactively when they find out - which we are fine with.

What about plugins? How much are they?

Plugins are available on the Advanced plan and are provided for free. We have an extensive and growing library.

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