How It Works

Get the low-down on what Boundary can do for you, in less than two minutes!

Boundary - How it Works

Getting started with Boundary is easy as 1-2-3

  • 1 Create a free account

    Account creation is quick and easy and doesn't require any billing information. All we need is your name, email & password and you're good to go.

  • 2 Install an agent and/or connect to AWS

    The Boundary agent supports a huge range of platforms. Installation only takes a moment regardless of your platform. On Linux? Pull down the installer and launch it with your API token and you're done. Windows? We have an MSI installer to make it as easy as possible. Support for Chef and Puppet. Or, just put your AWS IAM credentials (Access & Secret keys) into the Settings > Integration dialog.

    How to install an agent
  • 3 That's it! Now enhance.

    Now that your agent is up and running, you can see 1 second metrics in your dashboard for CPU, Memory, Disk & Network. But why stop there?

    With Boundary you can add plugins to monitor the apps you have running like Redis, MongoDB, RabbitMQ and more. Just click on the Plugins section of the app, install the ones you need, and push them out to your meters.

    View Integrations

Beautiful, Functional, and Instant.

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    Stream Custom Metrics

    Metrics can be pushed to Boundary using any (or all) of the following methods:

    • Meter – A lightweight agent written in C that monitors baseline server performance such as CPU, disk, memory and network
    • Plugins – Plugins may be written by Boundary or the community - we have a number of these available today and develop them free of charge upon request
    • Metrics API – Post (or pull) any metrics to us directly
    • Instrumentation – Observe what’s happening from an 'inside-your-apps' perspective.
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    Monitor Your Apps

    With Boundary you can go beyond OS monitoring and bring in 1 second statistics from all your applications:

    • Plugins – Boundary plugins are available for AWS CloudWatch, Redis, Apache, MySQL, and we’re constantly adding more
    • Easy to deploy – Push plugins from the Boundary app, no additional installation required
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    Customizable Dashboards

    Boundary comes loaded with dashboards for all of your apps, but you don't have to stop there. With Boundary you can:

    • Build your own - Dashboards can have any combination of metrics - quickly throw together metrics during investigation or put together your KPIs to view every day
    • Re-skin - Choose your own layouts, colors and styles to suit you
    • Embed/Deep-link - Include live Boundary graphs in another site, portal, or application. You can even programmatically build URLs using our deep-linking
    • Share - Quickly show the rest of your team what you are investigating by sending a link to the exact timeframe you're looking at
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    Infrastructure Agnostic

    Boundary reports metrics to 1 second resolution regardless of the infrastructure across a variety of Operating Systems.

    • Cloud - Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine, Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, or any other provider
    • VMs - Full support for virtualized systems
    • Physical
    • Hybrid - Any or all of the above!
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    Seconds to Implement

    Boundary has been designed to be up and running as quickly as possible:

    • Single Command - Install with one line in seconds, regardless of platform
    • Automation - Deploy to large or dynamic organizations with out-of-the-box support for Chef and Puppet, or use our open APIs to roll it out with the tools of your choice
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    Alert on Any Metric

    Boundary smart alarms allow you to:

    • Alert on any metric - Set conditions for any metric, custom or native
    • Exclude systems - Change thresholds for servers or groups of systems
    • Notifications - Fire actions like email or post to a chatroom when alerts are fired. Support for Flowdock, Hipchat, Campfire, Pagerduty, and many more

Pulling it all together

Monitor Apps of All Kinds